Dirt, pollution & impurities can mess with your skin. But for some people it can mess with the mind as well (Uska toh hum kuch nahi kar sakte, sorry) !!!
For an EASY SKIN DETOX - choose the 10X cleansing action of Bombay Shaving Company Charcoal Face Wash. The special grade activated bamboo charcoal goes 5 times deeper into the skin with powerful adsorption qualities, ridding your skin of dirt and impurities, without losing necessary moisture.
Production House: ILN Studios
Producer: Ayush Guha
Production Head: Vinod Kumar
Director: Zain Anwar
Cinematography: Nishant Verma
Production Design: Anchal Bhalla (HappyMaddyStudio)
Set Dresser: Akshita Chhatwal
Propmaster: Raju Kumar Das
Art Boys: Sandeep, Shashikant, Roshan, Jaan, Dilip, Sagar
3D Render Plan of the Bathroom Set Design
The Final Bathroom Set
Behind The Scene of BSC TVCs

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