Timex India TVC
Our champion has clearly been busy. But you know what they say? Time wasted perfecting your skill is time gained achieving greatness! 😉 The Gujarat Titans are ready to defend their crown this season with their official timekeepers by their side! 🏏⌚✨

Client:Timex India
Brand: Timex India X Gujarat Titans
Production House: The Yellow Umbrella Films, Mumbai
Producer: Vivek Shah
Director: Gabriel Ghoderao
Production Design: Anchal Bhalla
Art Assistant: Palak Khandelwal
Propmaster: Sandeep Singh
Art Boys: Shashikant, Sandeep, Shivam, Rinku
​​​​​​​Producer Manager: Adrian Gomes
Line Producer: Murtaza
Location: Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi
Set Stills

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