Bring a lasting difference into your skin, with bouts of nourishment that lasts with HK Vitals Collagen range. A medley of selected ingredients, that are set to solve for all visible signs of ageing! Like time never happened.

- Collagen Peptides to reduce appearance of wrinkles
- Red Algae Extract for intense hydration
- Sepicalm VG to reduce pigmentation and skin inflammation

Make it a part of your daily routine & witness radiance steadily following you with lasting anti-ageing benefits!

Discover a visible reduction in hair fall as you indulge in our potent range of HK Vitals Natural Biotin- infused formulations. Feel good different everyday! Enriched with the abundant nourishment of

- Natural Biotin to repair damaged hair
- Red Onion Extract to strengthen hair follicles
- Xylishine to improve hair texture this range weaves brilliant results & lifts the health of your hair.

It’s time to bid final goodbyes to hair woes & dive into the goodness of our thoughtfully developed range!

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Client - HK Vitals
Production House/Agency- ILN Studios
Director- Shrey Chhabra
DOP- Nishant Sharma
Creative Producer- Saumya Shresth
Producer- Vinod Kumar
Executive Producer- Gaurav Bansal
Client Servicing- Kanika Bhattacharya
AD- Khyati Narang
AC- Durgesg Pandey
Styling- Huma Khan
Production Designer- Anchal Bhalla
Art Assistant - Raksha Keshri
Propmaster: Raju Kumar Das
Art Boys - Sandeep, Shashikant, Roshan, Sagar, Rinku, Shivam
Editor- Rahul Rawat & Gurpreet Singh Virk
Colorist- Thanush
HK Vitals Collagen SET STILLS
HK Vitals Natural Biotin SET STILLS

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