Bajaj Pulsar NS200 & NS160 TVC
The Pulsar commercial titled "The World Has Turned Upside-Down" is a thought-provoking advertisement that highlights the changing dynamics of the modern world. The commercial starts by showcasing an overturned world where everything appears to be upside-down, including the buildings, the transportation vehicles, and even the human beings. As the commercial progresses, it becomes clear that the world has turned upside-down because of the changing needs and aspirations of the modern youth. The commercial cleverly promotes the Pulsar bike as the perfect solution for navigating this new world of innovation and unpredictability. Overall, the "The World Has Turned Upside-Down" Pulsar commercial is a creative and engaging advertisement that successfully communicates the brand's message of empowering the youth to take control of their future in a changing world.
Client - Bajaj Pulsar
Production - Mediamonks
Director - Venky
1st Asst. Director - Ishaan Deep Awasty
Second Asst. Director - Saloni Mukharjee
D.O.P - Arko Deb Mukherjee
AC - Abhumanyu, Abhishek
Producers - Dhruv Singhal, Rael Armstrong
Executive Producer - Akriti Arora
Line Producer - Rakesh Bandooni
LLP - Ranjan Kumar Gupta
Production Designer - Anchal Bhalla
Art Assistant - Raksha Keshri
Propmaster - Raju Kumar Das
Location Manager - Ravi Agnihotri
Location Asst - Ayub Malik
TBL Manager - Himanshu
Gaffer - Prafulla das
Drone - Jitendra (jeetu)
Zimmy Jib - Mahendra
Rig - Chand
Costume - Bati
Bike Rider - Shekar, Shahid

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