Final 16mm Film
The film is set in an empty park during autumn. The title character, Vicky, is an young man who plays a game of Carrom Board against himself, "becoming" each of the players in turn by moving to the other side of the Carrom Board, where he changes his personality and either puts on or takes off his glasses to show this change. As the game progresses, it seems as though there are two people playing; at one point, the hands of both "opponents" are in frame. The Aggressive Vicky (without the glasses) soon gains the upper hand over the Nervous Vicky (with glasses), capturing every piece except queen and putting him in loss. However, Nervous Vicky outsmarts Aggressive Vicky by faking a heart attack to distract him and spinning the board round 180 degrees, puts the queen and the black piece into the hole with his hand, before sitting back on his seat, with a little ruffled. Aggressive Vicky is still distracted. Aggressive Vicky motions that it’s still Nervous Vicky`s turn and he should make his move, but he sees that the queen and the black piece are in the hole.  Also all the pieces won by Aggressive Vicky are now in Nervous Vicky`s side and Aggressive Vicky has lost, because he is apparently left with no piece.
Muttering incoherently, Aggressive Vicky slams a pair of earphones down on the table, which Nervous Vicky picks up and inserts into his ear, grinning. By winning the match, he won listening to music. The camera slowly pans out; revealing Vicky is alone at the table once more listening to music.
Working Stills on the 16mm film Shoot.

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